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Les vidéos des 2 journées du colloque Recovering Women’s Identities between Centre and Periphery, qui a eu lieu à Londres les 5 et 6 mars 2020, sont disponibles en ligne:

Recovering Women’s Identities between Centre and Periphery – Day 1

María Tausiet (University of Valencia): ‘When Venus stays awake, Minerva sleeps.’ A Narrative of Sanctity and Female Power in 18th-Century Spain

Mazal Oaknín (University College London)- with Rebecca Bendayán (King’s College London): Doña Reina Bendayán: Rescuing the 1931 Constitution

Isabel Burdiel (University of Valencia): A Voice from the South. Catholicism and Transgression in Emilia Pardo Bazán (1851-1921)

Simone Monti (University of Cambridge): ‘Ormai son fatta la madre della Malinconia’: Francesca Turina’s Mourning Experiences and her Negotiation of Literary and Social Agency

Maria Salome Adank (University of Pisa): The Controversial Visibility of Two Venetian Dogaresse: Morosina Morosini Grimani and Elisabetta Querini Valier (late 16th and late 17th Centuries)

Laura Fournier-Finocchiaro (University of Paris 8): Clementine De Como and the Emancipation of Women during the Italian Risorgimento

Kathryn Bryan (University of Cambridge): ‘C’est singulier, n’est-ce pas?’ Jeanne Caruchet’s Non-Maternal Woman

Eleonora Carinci (University of Venice Ca’ Foscari): ‘La cruda e non humana madre … la fece accettar monaca in questo maledetto convento’: Suor Felice Rasponi’s Forgotten Voice between Rebellion and Resignation

Francesca Del Zoppo (University of Leeds): The ‘Atypical’ Poetry Translator: Joyce Lussu and her Work for the Publisher Mondadori

Elena Musiani (University of Bologna): Germaine Berton: A Life ‘of Rebellion’ against the French Victors of the First World War

Tomasz Fisiak (University of Łódź): ‘You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?’. The Portrayal of Female Rivalry in Shakespears Sister’s Music Videos

Recovering Women’s Identities between Centre and Periphery – Day 2

Elisavet Papalexopoulou (European University Institute): ‘Friends of the Muses’: Greek Women and Education in the Early 19th Century

Martina Pala (University of Durham): Laudomia Bonanni’s Narrative: Voicing Silenced Women

Alessia Zinnari (University of Glasgow): Mythologies of Resistance: The Feminist Legacy of Leonora Carrington and Alda Merini

Irena Prosenc (University of Ljubljana): Narrating Memory and Loss in Milena Milani’s Io donna e gli altri

Silvia Pizzirani (University of Bologna): Making the Consumption Sphere a Political Space: Women’s Revolt and Consumption in Teresa Billington Greig’s Thought

Melina Márquez Garcia-Largo (University of Madrid): Women and Scapigliatura, a Female Rebellion in the Milan of the 19th Century?

Valeria Iaconis (University of Zurich): Genealogy on Paper: the Italian Journal La Chiosa (1919-1927) and its Transnational Female Reception

Anna Ferrando (University of Pavia): Women beyond Borders. Emancipation through Translation under Fascism

Erica J. Mannucci (University of Milan-Bicocca): A strong Identity in Context: Marie-Armande Gacon Dufour, from the French Revolution to the Empire

Andrea Carteny (University of Rome La Sapienza): A Belle époque Fighter for Modernity: Valentine de Saint-Point between Futurism, Feminism and Esotericism

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